Sunday, 10 May 2015

Nine Words Max

Some time ago I attended a book launch that reminded me why I love children’s books so much.

Growing up I was an avid reader but I had no access to a variety of children’s books other than the classic fairytales, which I read over and over. You can imagine my excitement with the selection of kids books that we can find nowadays, and don't get me started on the illustrators! In my scale of cool jobs an illustrator of children’s books has one of the coolest jobs, but that is a topic for another day.

Anyway, the book launch I attended to was Nine Words Max, written by Dan Bar-el and illustrated by David Huyck, Tundra Books 2014. 

This is the great story of Maximilian, a rather talkative little prince, who loves to share eve bit of information, every topic and every thought (I am sure we all know somebody like that). His three older brothers are quite the opposite, the less words the better. They seem to speak in 140 characters or less and be profoundly annoyed by their younger brother. So, when the queen and king went on vacation and left the princes at home, the three brothers decided to cast a spell on little Maximilian allowing him to speak only 9 words at a time; but suddenly they would realize the true value of their little brother’s words. And just like Maximilian would stop talking right at the 9th word, author Dan Bar-el abruptly stopped reading half way through the book, which I thought was brilliant.

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